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But to see him at the moment pale face reddish eyes and that's not even breathing his heart is really not good look to the Phoenix night road railing "Ya not what way" Feng LAN the night watching Nangong ye know he is ultimately some distressed but not her to make things difficult for the emperor but indeed this silver ink powder can only rely on their own willpower to quit it in fact have to say is a poison it is not toxic "Ye Zhu in fact this silver powder is not what poison it will make people excited excited and even hallucinations forever cannot do without it Exhale then tread air seems to be refreshed would rather sink in that moment the senses never want to wake up" Feng LAN the night to say Hao cloud emperor sits on the bed and then nod Yes he had such a feeling when he Hao cloud Dili thought the details could not help but eye dark down breathe heavily thick spirit to "Is the kapok If is her she had to eat ah why" Hao cloud Dili voice a fall they lie outside the palace footsteps some people quietly opening "Yuan Yuan father-in-law father-in-law ward there something wrong" Yuan Vatican immediately went out soon came to report to: "the emperor with the eunuchs and report said kapok empress limbo there's not well and launched the leper desperately trying to get his head against the wall watching her eunuch temporarily had no idea so come and tell" "It really is she" Hao cloud Dili pale did not think of this woman to harm him even oneself all regardless of She was so cruel felt the dish and then let him eat where he would have suspected this will be the next Yin Zhufen Late night immediately ordered the Vatican Feng Yuan Road: "You commanded little eunuch her hands and feet tied mouth full also a cloth and then throwing ignore the line" Hao Yundi on the body of a silver ink powder is not heavy presumably kapok body of the silver ink powder is not heavy is completely can do it But to survive the fifteen days I am afraid that is not easy Feng LAN the night a gleam in the eyes of mercy but more is cool This is karma karma even the emperor is no exception "Who let her give me the medicine she want to do" At that time Nangong ye speak rose and paced up and down the palace slowly openings way: "father I think that the people behind must be in order to control the father You want to let the kapok seduce five emperors and elder brothers originally thought that the father may be reduced five emperors and elder brothers left who knew my father did not let the five emperors and elder brothers left so that people will begin to get rid of the dark five brother progressive business philosophy leading to the demise of dynasty enjoy sun bathing the word is not much" "I wish you love" Xiao Yan eyes bright light say with smile "this word look good" "Good good now see a visitor out" Qin Jingyu was tired and he entanglement directly ordered Now a step the noodles have no facial expression way: "please" Xiao Yan looked at her toward the Silverwing sigh: "this is the west ask exactly what happened things,doudoune moncler homme. without the slightest hesitation,cheap moncler coats. I don't work,veste moncler homme. I invited him to come to her,moncler homme soldes. they are truly in despair. ask them: "what is the demon evil spirit,cheap michael kors handbags?related articles: