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Let the wind not Rao look slightly Akira god "Well you don't drink I drink" See this compartment of the men did not move Gu Ling yarn brow with a pick holding the bottle then selfish in the cabin and sat down The wind has no Rao did not move but when he saw the bottle of pear wine was almost the opposite woman poured down after half finally could not help out loud: "you still injured don't drink so much" "Oh I thought you didn't remember this back" Gu Lingsha looked up and took a swig it severely over her lips on the opposite side of the wine man: "you tried to hurt me not just to get rid of her How Suddenly I heard she fell in love with you my heart could not bear" "What are you talking about" "I that is nonsense You see you even blushed" Gu Lingsha drinker is actually very good but do not know why Tonight the pear wine was particularly severe she only drank half a bottle of incredibly make up the muddy to Nonsense not say in the end she still stood up unsteadily: "you are not in the air I stir up your game The dead bird walks you hide who also do not see here Early know initially in the rain Pavilion you should promise her In the days may get is willing to tie the knot why did you come here alone sad" Lingsha you enough" Hearing these words the wind big childe accomplishment again good also anger Teng from the cabin stood up just to leave Gu Lingsha saw even wanted to don't want to just come up and grabbed his sleeve gown: "where are you going To find the dead bird" Can not wanted wind Rao heard this more anger complexion a sink a non phase formula of force is from his veins natural body that snow shrouded robe Suddenly Gu Ling yarn only sleep a finger pain quickly carried too flash before your eyes but have never seen the Dark Phoenix Mou: "Gu Ling yarn how dare you" Gu Lingsha one earthquake loosen and finger conditioned reflex like the snow robe: "Teacher -" "you this two days don't come looking for me I need to be quiet" A loose robe of snow natural necessary wind no Rao no longer stay here the toe top the cool like water white then such as a cold moon light like instant from the boat to the shore to grazing someone to hook,short abercrombie homme. In any case it is a disappointing thing,doudoune moncler femme. the princess of the blush,cheap moncler jackets.
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