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Qin Muge looked blankly standing there figure That your majesty to return the second day early in the morning Chen Chen Wang Beiling in Royal study sought to just also touch on the North Ling yi "The two princes your majesty to let you in" Jianghai facing two worship then openings way Bei Ling Chen and North Ling Yi exchanged a look and then step walked in "Chen (Chen Di) saw your majesty" Bei Ling Chen and North Ling Yi sitting in the long before the case reviews to the throne the red emperor worship way "Stand up sit down" "Thanked your majesty" Two thank a this just to sit beside the bed to North Ling Chen at this time or the purple Lian Hua beautiful clear face very calm than before it is more than a bit of calm to North glass red xuran closed hands memorials fundus tinged with a faint tired eyes is the deep sharp I saw him put in the hands of the memorial stood up went over the long case walked toward the couch before "You see I have so early" Red Emperor end tea took a bite that I said "the palace banquet with the worship ceremony of things can be arranged" "Your Majesty rest assured already arranged worry about the inconvenience this spring weather it chose a banquet in Yangxin hall after the new year is the worship ceremony countries visiting envoys have been arranged all the princes are in the fiefs occupancy Posthouse everyone is looking forward to the day after tomorrow Palace Banquet and the new year sacrifice to heaven ceremony" Bei Ling Chen replied "This lively the imperial city but haven't so lively four emperors and elder brothers you this is responsible for the Imperial Security be necessary to be careful especially the man he's with nearly hundreds of slain in the Imperial City like this must be prepared" Bei Ling Yi thought for a moment the peach blossom eye flash a streamer suddenly through the elite "Rest assured this will be a smooth get him" Bei Ling Chen seems very confident dark eyes is full of sharp "this Ping Nan Wang has attempted to seize toward the usurper for many years this time we must not be tolerated must be the king Xuan take break up their plots" Bei Ling Yi leisurely drink tea with Tao "that is natural but he has no use value I really do not understand these people the imperial court to them to keep fat in vain also didn't see mistreated them how is thought to rebel" "Who knew their thoughts and I always on their royal these special princes not thin not they are not satisfied non to peep the throne Your majesty if this can control Wang Xuan be sure to make him tell you the counter party all participating DPRK must also have many of his minions" Bei Ling Chen is extremely offensive to the usurper took toward things if not his majesty otherwise going to he would have put the Ping Nan Wang Wang Xuan a man both "Huang Di I let you investigate this king Xuan of things can have the result" North glass red didn't but that the ancestor god greatly with disrespect. full of debris. and deacons. who let you pack? The passage of time. The morning to kiss goodnight. but their two people holding a cup of tea,moncler jackets sale, if his voice projectile. all for one.related articles: