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and Shen Huan Zhu and poppy this is Li Li acquaintances and all can use basic gathered strength And the three elders in the family before brake ink before temple during the war actually injured several days before because the poppy and Li Li decadent no way can temporarily she handled this brake ink family things now poppy Li Li has been restored and is willing to large small things really took over the brake in brake ink ink family since they are very pleased to hand over the hands of the burden ease back mountain retreat has go to the hospital but the key thing about the demon world last night Li Li also told them and asked Rao is the three have great experience long teacher uncle also have not heard any rumors about Makai key So and Li Li will think will see them all together in one place after all the three stooges when Zhu Geliang especially Shen Fei and Huan Zhu two are all know the time of day have great magic power what good may have a clue But before the brake ink Temple of the war Shen Fei and Huan Zhu a lot of force said Zheng together to help guard the brake Murfreesboro undeniable coupled with their ancestors once for poppy Li Li custody the glazed letters although later proved that is Na Yu family 'nether spectrum' but is the mind big friendship poppy Li Li is in the heart so she took the opportunity to also want to ask if they have no need of their help after all and the hearts of the Tu Li Li when the Yongquan phase newspaper not to mention this day of great kindness The two person is Out of the Blue extremely polite especially the Huan Zhu his face sternly rebuffed kindness and Li Li: "gentleman a heavy weight we help brake ink because of my ancestors wish of our own and the girl you don't feel owe us what" This remark let and Li Li heart is sorry she guiltily read Yan Zheng an eye the surrounding air. life is his destiny. that deep as sea black eyes in the dark can not see what is clear,abercrombie paris, have agreed.related articles: