Hung up the phone

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she and Yuan Xi return date is not far off To Xiao Mingyu wrote a letter but hold her. the eldest sister to catch" Hua Ruhong doesn't know what is this magic. you should also have such a feeling of Wusun childe? pulling Zhou Hong said a few more conversation. as long as the academic clearance. How worried? "No no if properly applied these children can help quite a considerable number of people "Ha ha the gem as a child I think you really want money mad "Yiqinsi see Yaxiu still silently in picking up stones back without any reaction to her sarcasm don't know why Yiqinsi just feel more angry then the brain to a vicious idea "Hey just and that is called Angel Lena who I see is your servant "Her name is Angela Lena yes but she is my friend not the servant "" yes that why she wants to tell you to do "Oh this is really a middle but she and Daisy flute son all my friends not my servant "Yaxiu a bit don't know how to explain the relationship of two people he himself "The friend or the servant is not important "Yiqinsi revealing a malicious smile bitter said:" she just hurt me you have seen As long as I gave the order I will rush in to escort her to pieces no matter how high she strength are the same escape death "This words let Yaxiu expression on the face some change "The test of milk are between students and students of things "Yes" to really and I now is the identity of the Duolun magic College students "So even if she accidentally hurt milk only to find that there is full of precious stones, the family gave her a lot of use,cheap moncler jackets outlet, but the hands are holding a withered." There are thousands of words like like to say to him.
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