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"Then I also let my parents to book a kind of Mug you home. " Her eyes narrowed." He was in Beijing has a reputation Sun Fu Jia Tai Zi Shao read well life well go out and who did not look at the high The husband is outside in people with out of the girls also unavoidably must quietly glanced at him Although men and women in the capital but also has poetry paintings will each of the young men and women in the elders met others are under the supervision of Not to mention those who reside in Beijing xungui officials many years to marry the family network shop is great which can also be called on to calculate cousins sometimes speak it more convenient Then he followed his grandfather also no less limelight no matter which girl to offer a few words diligently also can win the favor at least to laugh a little pour no such as Gu Yan so cold He said the uncle that Mei cousin good than the cousin younger every time go by myself is grinning his call to her cousin for their own Amoy lane outside of those little things like this one where people are less it is stuffy Zhouhan alongside her it is said with a smile: "or Gu girl filial piety I should also pick up a few things for my mother is Just don't know what's good brother Han you have to help me see" He said side by stall lantern light to look sweet curtain hat look In fact today he cuanduo Han Jinlai Mianyang Gu Yan that embroidered flowers smiling veil made him gnawing how to understand "The capital of what good things not Mr Chow but picking up Mianyang here some of the features of things to buy several kind let Hou lady look fresh" Han Qi smiling interface quietly inserted between the Gu Yan and Jin han "Han said the girl is" Zhouhan was also not to pick something casually agreed to a sentence picked up a handle bamboo knife took one look smile "this thing my brother when I was young like" Han Jinday rose sister to say is a direct descendant of the miss White and black gas." Chu Yuying nodded. "Ning Lu things. initially in Tianjing on Pro when your father only agree to this marriage alliance will respond very is twisted to blush,woolrich online shop, looking so much a day and night,air max 90 pas cher, Dance Green deeply think.related articles: