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" Be man double so interrupt Lin Zhaoyan depressed mood restored many followed the man double out the door to find Fu'an Fu'an still is a careless inattentive appearance when Lin Zhaoyan asked him to marry man double time he hurriedly paizhexiongfu guarantee "rest assured that the slave girl would be certain to double good man will never live up to her" Lin Zhaoyan nodded with satisfaction Fu'an has quietly added "I can will two Prince for your good is included otherwise the two prince can not let the slave.. The new submarine "to do a quick change" it is the East China Sea Fleet submarine detachment 331 submarine 5 years 331 submarines in the ocean plow a beautiful track: a 2 times 1 years of actual combat training voyage underwater high-speed launching torpedo war underwater depth launch decoy against antisubmarine torpedo single submarine salvo also hit two goals in 8 submarine history first the successful completion of a major exercise exercise tasks more than 30 by various awards 18 four headquarters in recognition of the "advanced grass-roots unit of pla" dug out the biggest potential shorten the people running in period "bear in mind the great trust have succeeded in carrying out an assignment determined to complete the connection test task to ensure timely into fighting power" In 2007 the boat team meeting this is captain Zhu Aigen set junlingzhuang took the military orders 331 submarine soldiers such as tightening spring every two open busy to turn off the lights They believe that time is out the potential is dug out ability is out of practice More than 5 years have passed the statistics time display boat teams and nearly 400 hours of overtime each year a student Jimei University turbine professional direct recruiting sergeant Lin Huicong in order to find out the fuel line the cat waist drilling narrow space Single hand to tighten the nut he put the flashlight in the dark open the 22 nuts had spent 25 hours Subsequently he curled up into fuel oil tank bottom simply to transfer piping ventilation pipe touched all out a stink to high heaven oil covered the "oil man" in June of that year the critical moment boat teams perform a major task a flu season Captain Zhu Aigen with a 398 ℃ persisted in working He put on a thick coat the left arm to a drip chest against the desk edge his right hand to move the mouse,wholesale snapbacks. I followed into the inside,womens moncler jackets. not far from the tree. finally in the vegetable market was beheaded,cheap ugg.Never think Have a look transparent all the feelings of all exposed feeling" "No it must be your illusion a word I know Twin Towers is I broke then what happens" Yaxiu hurriedly chakai topic at the same time the heart filled with awe know just in imperceptibly at the snow spirit memory this power is too terrible But also more curious when he tried again to enter a realm of harmony but how also can not succeed Snow Ling accepted Yaxiu argument doubt sweep away fully display her personality went on to say: "the opening dance pool damage left aside in fact there on the word happiness and happy You know I never knew there were things than just fried egg medium but also delicious in the world in addition to early late meals outside still have a lot of snacks which I like best is white cake delicious is indescribable bite melted.the atmosphere is also gradually restorerelated articles: