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为什么只给我这么点的答案? called down to earth and realism or collective memories of things. Ann I was wrong. "Ah" I cried and opened my eyes "Sister you wake up" Silent bleating sound came "Where is here" I was covered in sweat arm still hang drop "This is a hospital brother to send you to the hospital Are you all right now you have been in a coma for three days" The Mo son in my side chatter "I'm OK" My head is dizzy body weakness but conscious black impermanent as if still ringing in our ears "road to road very road The word is the law the laws of nature the growth of all things of the law the law of heaven and earth The understanding of the way you can break the rules of the day you can understand the meaning of life and death" Grandpa said I practice enough really is so If I can read whether it can be less worried about "Yin Yu Where he went" The Mo son didn't care to say: "he sent the little brother to go There is a family would have little brother in town The brother says day has passed little brother can grow up safe" I blinked corners of the mouth smile maybe I was hurt a lot of people but at least someone because I live between gains and losses how can you know is not divine Why should I so persistent Read and pass the heart suddenly some easy his stomach rumbled up the Mo son smiled: "sister you hungry now I give you buy something to" I smile and watch him run out The right hand hang drop cannot move Yin you fed me his face in sight wing like eyelashes blocked his eyes see only the corners of the mouth and a faint smile I just looked at him "Yin yu Your heart is sympathy ChunZi right" Yin You did not answer spoon put it into my mouth light way: "eat" I opened my mouth to swallow vague tunnel: "you would rather be killed to save the dragon spring children but why he gave mortals" Yin woo vertical focus and took a bite and handed it to me light way: "he was not a demon not convenient to demon clan" "Yin yu" You are confused because you haven't into the road, but she is not necessarily like the feeling of oh. along with two people on a car, if it weren't for me,veste abercrombie, my life will only have 3 World of Warcraft,outlet prada, you can through the Sina home page (www." "Colonel?
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