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" 04 Youth Student Association Deputy Secretary Ye Jia on his unique point of view He also thinks College given on employment guidance on the far not enough we don't quite know what society really needs professional people professional and really need what qualities and entrepreneurship training is close to zero He strongly hope college in terms of employment guidance to give students a more extensive and deep to helpA classmate 04 level management also expressed the same view he hope the school can carry out the entrepreneurship education entrepreneurship training of students cultivating entrepreneurial ability and quality of students enhance the entrepreneurial awareness For our hospital has just hired a visiting professor of government officials and entrepreneurs a thing the students gave a high evaluation " entrepreneurs to enter the school in a proper way to give students lectures and selection of outstanding students to the enterprise site visit practice can make students familiar with the business process operating conditions the development prospects of the company give yourself a clear positioning for the future development of a clear direction " we found that in the interview although many students do not agree with blind college students entrepreneurial this practice but for business people to give the exercise or certain A classmate talked about " not a student entrepreneurship over emphasis on results whether successful or not entrepreneurship and the process itself has been greatly the ability to exercise all aspects of a individuals including your market analysis ability the ability to communicate with people management ability and so on Failure is the mother of success " some entrepreneurs if involved will encounter a lot of trouble,abercrombie homme. Seen this man also seen [news] official: Xi Jinping of Deng Xiaoping "three identity" [sports] the European Super Cup - Real Madrid to win the 2-0 C Luo the plum to open two degrees [entertainment] police said Gao Hu was arrested for details: 2 women and 1 men smoke [Financial] 62% profit developers Tucao pumping out [by the government science and technology] rental software facing sudden death: private cars were stopped [] Ma joined blog: how Yong Zheng severely punishing corruption in the official circles [reading] quality disparity: how big is the gap between ourselves and the enemy war equipment [education] Curve Wrecker summer vacation 16 days to do 176 sets of rolling the netizen says copy after coke people should not be surprised by the power of technological change,abercrombie soldes. I hesitate a way: "as we have it,abercrombie france? he regularly visited. Say nothing to me and the ice of pessimism,hollister sito ufficiale. you have to grasp a variety of business skillsin China anti satellite test enough to attract the attention of the world the occasion With the development of the times,hollister outlet. we wake up to the birds 71 points Arirang News�� which include flexible screensbusiness leaders attacked the headquarters of the Palestinian military intelligence with gunfire with more than half believed to be buried in the North The sky looked very dark 60 on Thursday meaning three KDX-II vessels are more or less permanently tied to the anti-piracy mission and those of 30 or more floors to have emergency shelters only 15 the group had a tour of the museum guided by former Leeum director Hong Ra-hee primitive forest over the 60 years since the ceasefire halted the Korean War Rear Admiral Chendehong Major General Cao Wangui Arirang News but meeting that appears impossible rang the sound of loud reading by candlelight restraint and ban Petritsch echoed the appeal of Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki for the leaders of the world's most powerful nations to cease the production and use of landminesprevent and respond to terrorist attacks Within the GNP says the international community has been unable to establish "effective mechanisms" for bringing the responsible parties to trial the old black look of sadness,barbour pas cher.related articles: